Customer Support


All products fail to some point of time however best it is engineered and designed product is as good as the support it gets. We get best of advantages over competition.

We have a full fledged APC certified Authorized service centre located at our different offices in Uttar Pradesh.  As a service provider of APC, we have been authorized and trained by APC to service and support the entire range of UPS & Inverter system for different location in Western Uttar Pradesh. Our trained engineers and technicians provide a range of services from site analysis to system maintenance. Our various installations all over country are testimonials to the level of our services focused to customer satisfaction.

Apart from this to offer prompt after sales services to all our customer we have placed our resident engineer at all most major stations, to serves you better. These engineers are equipped with mobile & laptop for timely response and on site repair, calibration and software related problems.

If you have a break down, it can be reported by calling and leaving a message to us or Our OEM Call center. Most importantly we are organization who sale and service the APC Products whereas most the vender normally sale only and have no service capability .currently 70% to 80% of our sale comes from our existing customers itself and more than 90% of UPS sold by us are under our maintenance contract, which itself shows the high level customer satisfaction.

On-Line Complaints Registration


Lack of paper movements provides complaint management operations a speed which was never envisaged in manual mode at all. Software allows a booking operator to book and lodge complaints and automatically schedules and prompts operators to source complaint to concerned departments.Read More

UPS On Rent


We understand that in many cases, there is often a need for rental UPS for temporary and short term deployment for IT, Industrial, Mediacal and other mission critical applications requiring emergency backed up power. That is why we offer renting and leasing services for our power quality equipment, UPS systems, and batteries.Read More

Battery Replacement

Installation, maintenance, replacement or removal of your UPS batteries, choose the battery service that best meets your needs, JDM Technologies offers a variety of battery services to ensure that your batteries are serviced properly and, when required, safely replaced by certified service professionals.Read More

Annual Maintenance Contracts

Annual Maintenance Contract

In today’s competitive era, downtime of any power/electrical device system is very expensive affair. Generally products come with 1 or 2 Year Warranty, which is a complicated task to manage out of warranty services due to multiple approvals & organization Policy compliances.  Every organization may not have specialized In house repair/maintenance team to manage take care of products & managing Spare parts at their Own. We are the best people to support in maintaining equipments.Read More

Extended Warranty

Extended Warrenty

The Extended Warranty provides peace of mind and product failure protection beyond the Service Pack or Factory warranty period. Once the Service Pack/Factory warranty for your product or accessory expires, should your product fail, you expose yourself to potential loss of power protection and costly out of pocket expenses for repairs.Read More

Out of Warranty Supports


Out-of-warranty service programs address situations after the expiration of the unit’s factory warranty, as stated in the user’s manual. For out-of-warranty service, customers have several options. Please contact JDM Technologies for further offering.Read More

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