Out-of-Warranty Service

Out-of-warranty service programs address situations after the expiration of the unit’s factory warranty, as stated in the user’s manual. For out-of-warranty service, customers have several options. Please contact JDM Technologies for further offering.

Customers who require service after the standard factory warranty period.

For a fixed fee, product which has failed outside the warranty period may be returned to us by the customer for replacement or repair. The failed unit will be replaced with a factory reconditioned unit or repaired and returned to the customer. The customer pays shipping both ways. Customers who must have original units back rather than replacement units due to assigned asset tags and set depreciation schedules must declare such a need at first contact with JDM. It will be OEM’s standard practice to issue factory reconditioned replacement units in exchange for original units.

Standard service offers quick turnaround time by sending a replacement unit or, if requested, repair of the customer’s original product. For companies assigning asset tags and depreciation schedules to specific pieces of equipment, the option of getting the original unit back rather than a replacement may be important

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