Installation, maintenance, replacement or removal of your UPS batteries, choose the battery service that best meets your needs

JDM Technologies offers a variety of battery services to ensure that your batteries are serviced properly and, when required, safely replaced by certified service professionals. Battery services offer an ideal solution for staying ahead of potential failures. What’s more it can be customized for your needs and budget.


A proactive, one-stop solution for 24/7/365 availability

Most batteries have a useful service life ranging between three to five years,depending on the environment in which they are used. When the time comes to proactively replace all of your battery assets, We have a service solution to meet your business needs.

Performed by service-certified field engineers, Battery Replacement Service is the ideal service for staying a few steps ahead of inevitable battery failure. Replacing batteries proactively in total ensures that your batteries will last longer, reducing both cost and downtime while safeguarding availability. Without such a service, you may be tempted to replace batteries one at a time as they become depleted. This approach actually weakens the new batteries, however, causing more frequent failures.

An all-inclusive solution for modular product

Modular battery replacement service (MBRS) is a one-stop full battery replacement service, including OEM batteries, on-site replacement, all parts and labor, and environmentally friendly removal/disposal of used batteries. With this all-inclusive option, you don’t have to redirect employees to install the batteries, allowing IT staff to focus on its primary responsibilities

Battery Replacement Service

Internal Batteries

JDM Technologies includes battery replacement by a certified field service engineer. The batteries and disposal are customized to the individual need and are an integral part of the service. Installation services are available for each cabinet as well. The benefit to having an installation is confirmation by a certified technician that your unit is installed to specification. For preventive maintenance, all battery information obtained during maintenance testing is provided and stored in our database for historic reference and analysis, thereby giving you in-depth information on the condition and life cycle of your batteries.

External Battery Services

External Battery Installation Service

JDM’s Battery Installation Services provides customers with Certified Personnel to ensure proper start-up of external batteries for 1 Phase / 3-Phase UPS systems. We energize and check the functionality of the system in all modes to ensure compliance with stated technical specifications. This is a onetime visit and is performed at the same time as the hardware electronic Start-UP Service. The service includes:

REQUIREMENT: Must purchase Start-UP Service.

  • Verify proper equipment on site
  • If free-standing, unpackaged and put batteries inside battery cabinet, racks or position
  • Connect all battery interconnects and check open cell voltage of all batteries.

External Battery Maintenance Services

JDM Technologies perform a once a year visual inspection of the external batteries in the 1-Phase/ 3-Phase system to ensure that they are performing to all technical and environmental specifications. In addition to these inspections, we ensure that the batteries are operating within all safety parameters. This service includes:

REQUIREMENT: Must purchase a External Battery Maintenance Services with Preventative Maintenance Contract.

  • Full proactive battery replacement of all external batteries before the end of year 5 (in years 3-5).
  • 1 year, next business, day on-site repair service for external batteries, labor and travel are included.
  • 1 Battery Maintenance Visit per year performed at the same time as the electronics unit’s Preventative Maintenance Visit.

The battery inspection will proceed according to the JDM Inspection Procedures and include:

  • Removal of old batteries during replacement years.
  • Check battery terminal temperature.
  • Visual inspection of setup.
  • Perform battery capacity test to verify proper runtime.
  • Test resistance of batteries (internal impedance).
  • Check AC voltage ripple.
  • Check AC current ripple.
  • Battery terminal torque.
  • Verify corrosion or acid leaks.
  • Clean system.

Benefits to Customer:

  • Maximum uptime due to proactive replacement.
  • Longer lifetime of the UPS system.
  • Proactive battery replacement between years 3 and 5.
  • Extended battery life due to preventative maintenance.
  • No additional charge uplifts in later years, all cost consistent year to year.

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