Blokset, high safety and availability switchboard upto 6300A

A wide range of solutions :

  • Electric Distribution/PCC
    • For high power incomers or feeders upto 6300 A
    • Withdraw-able solution for high available and safety application
    • Fixed solutions for economical application
    • Power factor correction
  • Motor Control Center/MCC
    • Fixed-typed motor control center for economical solution
    • Withdraw-able motor control center for high available and safety application
    • Solution with motor controller, soft starters and drives
    • Protection levels : IP20, IP31, IP42, IP54
    • Busbar Material- Copper / Aluminium
    • Seismic Zone V
Prisma iPM Switchboards

Developing installation dependability !

  • IEC 61439-1 & 2 complaint switchboards designed for your safety
    • Designed for basic electrical distribution requirements for applications upto 4000A.
    • Based on kit based functional architecture complemented with brilliant aesthetics.
    • Revolutionary and patented design in Busbars for optimum performance: Linergy busbar


Connected solutions for Network, Asset and Energy Management


Wide Range of innovative solutions

I LINE II - High power Sandwich Busway

  • I LINE II Copper Busway

• Rating: 800A to 6000A
• Tap-Off interval : 610mm/1220mm

  • I LINE II Copper Contact Busway

• Rating : 800 to 5000A Tap-Off interval : 610mm/ 1220mm

Canalis - Low and Medium Power Busway

  • KNA – 40A to 160A (Aluminum)

• IP 55
• Tap-Off interval : 500 – 1000 – 3000mm KSA (AI) 100A – 1000A

  • KSC (Cu) 100A – 800A

• IP 55
• Tap-Off interval 1000mm on each face

Canalis - Lighting Busway

  • KDP – 20A

• IP 55
• Flexible Busway

  • KBA – 25A / 40A (Single Circuit)
  • KBA – 25A / 40A (Double Circuit)

• IP 55
• Tap-Off interval : 500 – 1000 – 1500mm

Unique Features

  • A total coordinated, compact, simple and flexible power distribution system
  • Safety of Life and property with reduced risk of exposure to electromagnetic fields.
  • Fully recyclable and helps conserve natural resources
  • Seismic compliance for projects under seismic conditions
  • Modular and upgradeable system
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Flexible:possibility to install a light right where it is needed.
  • Halogen free:Canalis does not realise any fumes or toxic gases in the event of fire
  • Dismantled, re-used and and entirely recyclable
  • A range of light, strong and stylish units
  • High protection index IP 55 for all types of buildings


Masterpact NT/NW ACBs and Compact NSX MCCBs

Direct access to energy efficiency !

  • Designed to give you that Xtra bit to make your installation smarter

• 5 types of Micrologic control units with added measurement, energy-management and network-analysis functions
• Earth leakage protection built into the control unit
• Wide range of common auxiliaries and accessories interchangeable on site
• CCC and GOST certifications
• Compliance with international standards IEC 60947-1 and 2, IEC 68230 for type 2 tropicalization, UL489 and ANSI/UL1066

EasyPact MVS ACBs and EasyPact CVS MCCBs

Easy choice for reliable performance !

  • Contemporary design with emphasis on safety and reliability

• ACBs with fault diagnostics – last 10 trip history.
• MCCBs with thermal magnetic protection release throughout the range (16A-800A)
• Common accessories with masterpact and Compact series of circuit breakers

Source Changeover System (ATS)

Efficient energy management and continuity of service with Auto source-changeover system.

  • Maximum continuity of service.

• Energy available is ensured whatever the external requirements (e.g. high power demand) during operations as well as maintenance period.

  • Optimized energy Management

• Transfer of load to a replacement source according to external requirements.
• Manage power source according to power quality and power costs.

  • Simplicity and reliability

• simple installation on LV switchboard
• System based on pre-tested components


EasyPact TVS

The EasyPact TVS range provides you a perfect balance of the performances you need, with simplicity of selection, purchasing and stocking, and with an extended flexibility.

  • Global offer, Conformity to IEC 60947-4-1 & CE marking
  • High operational ambient temperature: upto 60°C
  • Reliability with tested Fuse less / Fuse Type 2 co-ordination
  • Wide variety of accessories for simple adaptation
  • Class H insulation for coils
  • New AC-3 , 6Amp Rating

TeSys Control and Protection


  • SoLink-integartion system for motor starter upto 30kW/400V in automation environment


  • Total,Type 1 ,Type 2, Coordination available
  • High electrical life, higher breaking capacities in starter modules


  • Ready made connection kits, make wiring simple and easy
  • simple panel design as maximum product have standard dimension

TE-Start Moter Starters

  • Dust and Vermin Resistant Enclosures
  • Suitable for Humid,high Temperature and Tropical environment
  • Ability to with stand wide voltage fluctuation
  • Latest Powder coating technology



LV steel box capacitors for high performance in severe conditions.

  • High life expectancy up to 160,000 hours
  • Voltage up to 830 V
  • High power ratings up to 100 kvar

APFC Relays

  • Comprehensive range with 6/8/12 stages
  • Dual PF setting

Detuned Reactor

  • Compact footprint
  • Low loss design



  • Contactor / Thyristor switching
  • Detuned filter panel for harmonic rich environment
  • Standard & Customized designs


  • PF improvement for HT loads
  • Long life vacuum contactors

MV Capacitors

  • MV fixed capacitor units
  • Delta / Single Star / Double Star configuration available


Active harmonic Filters

  • Performance better than IEEE 519-1992
  • Available in 3ph 3wire & 3ph 4wire
  • Dual mode operation with PF improvement & harmonic reduction

Hybrid Var Compensators

  • Combination of active and passive system for localized correction at optimum price


Unique offers from the global leader in MCBs, RCDs & Accessories

Acti 9 Communication System

  • Smart
    Centralize control, collect energy meter data with just a simple, ready-to connect communication module.
  • Efficient
    One-click, prefabricated wiring for comprehensive communication between your distribution panel and any facility management system.
  • Safe
    Reliable, error-proof manufacturer guaranteed connections EMC tested for immunity, radiated, and conducted safety.
  • Green
    REACH and RoHS complaint.

Acti 9 Distribution Boards

Inspiring the S.M.A.R.T. choice !!!


Electrical Switches as Design Elements

The Ultimate Switch

Ultra-slim design.
2-wire true retrofit design enables direct replacement.
Fully compatible with British Standard wall boxes, no special mounting accessories required.
Light touch buttons equipped with LED backlight, allow users to locate the switch in a dark environment. Tactile switch.


Face of Future

Neo x switches styles and features contemporary and sleek design. In addition, the units features blue LED backlight with easy- to-push buttons for on/off switching. The switches use British Standard electrical wall boxes making them simple to retrofit and install to complement any interior design.


 The revolutionary Full-Flat switch for outstanding people

The Full-Flat form factor has redefined many facets in life. Aero plane seats. TVs. Mobile phones. Electric stoves… And now switches. Aesthetically pleasing flat switches are in fact available. Until now these were exclusive to either electronic or lighting automation systems only. The ZENcelo Full-Flat switch has been created for the majority who use electromechanical switches. Even switches can be Full-Flat… you never imagined…


Satin finish switches & Sockets

Opale range has been designed by international designers keeping in mind the local market and its needs. The range gives an exceptional Ease & flexibility of use/installation and freedom to the customer.


 Switch to the extra-ordinary

LIVIA is a complete range wiring device with switches, sockets, Communication outlets & plates. This can be used in residences, hotels, offices, commercial buildings, hospitals.