Schneider Electric IT Business

Schneider Electric IT Business India, a global leader in critical power and cooling services, provides Industry leading hardware, software, and services designed to ensure availability and higher energy efficiency across the residential, business network, data center, and manufacturing environments. Backed by the strength, experience, and wide network of Schneider Electric’s Critical Power & Cooling Services, Schneider Electric IT Business India delivers well planned, flawlessly installed and maintained solutions throughout their lifecycle. Through its unparalleled commitment to innovation, the company delivers energy efficient solutions for critical technology and industrial applications.

Adaptable & Flexible Power Protection

Discover our best-in class UPS solutions:

  • Back UPS (0.6 WA to 1.5 WA)
  • Three-phase UPS – Symmetra, MGE Galaxy
  • Smart UPS (3 WA to 20 WA) Online & Line Interactive
  • Distribution – Modular, Configurable, Cabinet

Single Phase

3 Phase


Rack Enclosures for Mission Critical Equipment

Rack technology that maintains airflow, delivers effective cooling and can ensure longevity of the equipment is here to help manage data centers in the best manner possible.

Racks and Accessories:

  • NetShelter SX
  • NetShelter CX
  • Wall Mount cabinet – Flexibox
  • Open Networking Racks
  • Rack Mount Transfer Switches (Automatic transfer Switch)
  • KVM Switch
  • Rack LCD Consoles
  • Netbotz Access control for Rack enclosures
  • PDUs – Basic, Switched, Metered




Best-of-Breed Cooling Solutions for Rack-Row-Room-Buildings

With the size and number of data centers on the rise worldwide, there is an increasing need for intelligent cooling solutions to optimize power consumption. Schneider Electric brings you high-performance cooling solutions for applications across IT, Industrial and Facility Applications.


  • Rack Air Distribution
  • InRow SC


  • lnRow Chilled Water
  • lnRow Direct Expansion
  • lnRow Pumped Refrigerant
  • Thermal Containment


  • Amico
  • Leonardo
  • UniSpIit
  • Active Floor
  • Automatic Floor
  • Pressurisation System


  • Access Flooring
  • Technical Chillers
  • Heat Rejections

Datacenter Solutions

We know data centers-

from rack to row to room to building!

Only Schneider Electric has proven expertise in every domain that supports the IT equipment: power, Cooling, rack systems, security, and management.

Schneider Electric can design and build data centers from rack to row to room to building. What this Means is that we uniquely understand that data centers comprise interconnected environments across The Data Center Physical Infrastructure (DCPI). It integrates power, cooling, physical security, and rack Systems and is monitored and managed via software solutions and professional services.

Physical Security – Schneider Electric’s single-seat view Includes access control and surveillance across One or multiple facilities

Services – Schneider Electric’s professional services provide one point of ‘contact for data center Planning, building, and operation

Management – The ultimate connection, Schneider Electric’s exclusive 4 integrated software architecture removes management “silos” for greater energy awareness and efficiency and higher availability across the DCPI

Power – the Schneider Electric power domain connects It all – from generators, transformers, and Switchgear to UPSs, breakers, and PDUs – to deliver cross-vendor interoperability

Cooling – Our Integrated solutions combine chillers, perimeter cooling, hot aisle containment, and row-based options to maximize efficiency and guarantee availability

Rack Systems – Interconnected, any-IT vendor—compatible rack enclosures, accessories, and air Containment solutions easily support all your HD processing needs

StructureWare for Datacenters

End-to-end data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software for monitoring, control of power, cooling, security and energy usage from the building through IT systems.

  • Real-time data embedded in intelligent Data Center model
  • Leading DCIM platform recognized by the analyst community
  • Patented 3D cooling technology for locating hot spots and identifying excessive cooling
  • Uniquely integrated with virtualization management ensuring high availability
  • Certified field service

Data Center Energy Management Services

Our comprehensive data center service portfolio

Schneider Electric has perfected the data center design and build process through science and real-world applications of our thought leadership Now you can benefit from our proven methodology, which is founded on years of experience and industry insights. Our design and build process costs less, takes much less time to execute, and requires fewer resources to manage. We integrate design and construction services for streamlined schedules, better cost control and reduction of unforeseen problems. In addition, you can count on our integrated verification testing, which checks the system as a  whole, before your data center goes on-Line.