Intelli-Q 3P-3P 10KVA/360V UPS


  • Hot Stand-by (Optional)
  • Static Bypass Switch
  • Maintenance Bypass Switch
  • Built-in Cold Start


Product Description:

The Most Reliable Power Management Systems for Mission Critical Applications: True On-Line protection for Network Servers,Bridges, Hubs, Routers, Storage Devices and Critical Workstations, Medical Equipment, Industrial Products, Telecommunication Systems etc.The primary purpose of the IntelliQ On – Line UPS System is to protect critical and sensitive equipment from electrical disturbances that may jeopardize their operation. Mains-line failures, mini blackouts, high and low voltage fluctuations,lightning, electrostatic discharge and rapid over – voltages are phenomena found in all environments. These cause damage to hardware and loss of data. When the mains supply is present, the inverter section derives its power from the mains, rectifies itand the back-up batteries are thus kept in a constantly charged state. When the mains supply fails, the source of DC power for the inverter section shifts to the battery without any break whatsoever in the output.

Product Features

  • Total Reliability
  • Extendable battery capacity for longer back up
  • Assured Maintainability
  • Total Fault Tolerance
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Wider Input Voltage and Frequency Window
  • Lightning and Surge Protection
  • User replaceable batteries

Technical Specifications:

  • Voltage Range – 280V – 480V±10V (P-P)
  • Input Frequency – 45 – 55 Hz
  • Output Waveform – Pure Sine Wave
  • Voltage Regulation – 400V ± 2%
  • Frequency regulation – 50Hz±0.1Hz
  • Charging Current – 1 – 10A
  • Efficiency – 90%
  • Dimensions (mm) W*H*D – 450×735 x 745


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